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Hace un ano que prove el pan jalapeno y chedeer y quede encantada ese savor picosito con queso es delisioso, queria comerlo cada momento, no podia esperrar hasta la sena; tostadito con la sopa, o asi solo es rico; ahora no falta ese pan cada semana.
- Maria Romero

Soon I shall be tasting all these delectable beauties! Please continue to create these "Bread"s with "Passion", mon amie!
- Gigi Alvia

Hi Val, I enjoyed the flavor of the Kalamata n Garlic. I shared it with the whole family and nothing was left over. Your presentation was also great. Now I'm curious to try your other flavors. Congratulations!
- Joyce Raspanti

Believe it or not there was not a crumb left of so-called "borderline boring". At the end of the day, it was just amazing. The crust was perfect and the centre of the bread just right. I had it with Irish butter (which has a great reputation) and truly I could eat that bread morning, noon and night. I have yet to start on Razzmatazz Raisin and I know it will be gone in a flash. I definitely think that you should open a Bakery in New York but on second thought I might have to buy a new wardrobe if you did. Congratulations on your venture - that bread is to die for. Next time I have the so-called Borderline Boring I will combine it with cheese. My mouth is already watering.
- Marjorie Boyce

I wish you a very successful undertaking. You've gone a long way, GFF. And as one of my favs said: discover your passion and run with it.
- Edwina Dayao-Yevoli

Congratulations on your new venture, Valerie! As I was reading the Bread and Passion homepage and then the About Me page, I thought of Lady Gaga's song: "This girl is on fire! The bread she bakes must be delicious to the last bite. I will set aside my doctor's order not to eat bread but to feel less guilty, I will share the bread I will order with my friends at work. Since our schedule is currently irregular because of the final exams, I will do so when classes open for our Spring semester on May 1. Promise. Congratulations again and wishing Bread and Passion all the best! I am not wishing you Good Luck because with your talent and passion, you do not need it!
- Estela Dayao-Portes

Loved your bread - just the right amount of black olives & garlic - and that golden crust - so tasty! Best of luck in what I hope will be a rewarding new venture for you!
- Angela Johnson

Wow! Received my order in ... Florida! Went to visit the parents, had tried the bread in NJ, wanted to share. Shipping was quick and everyone loved it! Ordered the walnut raisin, even made French toast with the leftovers the next day! Thank you and will definitely order again!
- Shawn

Hi Valerie...good luck. I'll have to sample your breads. Best of luck!
- Blanche Attanasio

Delicious! I ordered 3 loaves and they were all great. My favorite was the raisin cinnamon and walnut. Yumm.
- Kathy

That's so awesome, Valerie. I used to love baking breads. I wish I could taste your bread. Let me spread the word to Joie and Sandra. Lots of luck!
- Paulette Eiaw

Congrats on your new venture. Site looks great and can't wait to taste.....Bonne Chance! Votre Amie, Joyce
- Joyce Raspanti

Amazing bread! The jalapeno and cheddar has just the right kick and raisin walnut, delicious! Thank you SO much! All of our clients were raving and asking where to buy! I told them Bread and Passion... of course!
- CT4MB - Coaching 4 Mind and Body

I tasted your bread at the gym today - delicious! Good luck on this venture.
- Carol

Congratulations. Here's to more bread and more passion! Was very fortunate to taste two kinds - both delish; went well with my homemade soup. Recipe for a lazy day: Cheesy bread, soup, blanket and yes dvr!
- Nina

Absolutely fabulous! As for the bread... Delicious! Mwah!
- Amy

Wow, getting very pro!
- Masako

I love it!! Mais ques ce que tu fait? Tu a dit rien de cette site web......Mais c'est adorable!!
- Barb Serafin